Norm Definition

NORM is a well-known term that stands for Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials; NORM is considered to be a byproduct for all oil and gas industry operations. During the drilling and production process instead of dealing with NORM we start dealing with what is coiled TE-NORM (Technologically Enhanced Radioactive Materials). NORM should be handled by qualified personnel and the right equipment which ore both present when you are working with GPL.

In the recent years, there has been heightened interest in NORM activity concentrations in produced water-from onshore oil and gas production associated with ‘unconventional’ reservoirs developed using hydraulic fracturing.

NORM activity concentrations can vary substantially from one facility to another depending on geological formation and operational conditions and may also change over the lifetime of a single well. The activity concentrations in separated produced water streams are routinely many orders of magnitude lower than the concentrations later encountered at a point of accumulative deposition.

GPL’s job is to decontaminate and get rid of the NORM in an efficient and professional way.


GPL offers solutions for your NORM waste from petroleum industry. We decontaminate NORM from soil, confined space and equipment. Our company is able to handle, decontaminate and dispose NORM wastes from Oil and gas industry.
GPL offers environmentally safe and technical solutions for the managing, treating and deposition for NORM and TE-NORM waste (Technologically – Enhanced, Naturally-Occurring Materials) generated in the oil & gas industry.

What We Do?

  • NORM Waste Management Program.
    Conduct NORM Waste Management Program (Training awareness sessions, radiation surveying, and decontamination, storage area planning, and determining hot spots with the needed precautions).
  • NORM Decontamination.
    Pipe and Tools Cleaning: GPL have a special design system based on high power water jetting to clean out the pipe and The system is capable of hydraulically spinning the pipe through the unit while water blasting. With the design of jets along with the pressure the unit is capable of cleaning mostly any type and thickness of scale and/or rust off the pipe down to the white metal. This unit is ideal for cleaning NORM impacted pipe due to high pressure closed system water jetting.
    Tank and Vessels cleaning: Once the survey is complete and cleanup or remediation is needed, we apply high pressure and proprietary cleaning technology to most contaminated equipment, tanks and All NORM removed is containerized for storage or processing.
    Soil Decontamination: If the survey reveals contaminated soils, we will vacuum, excavate and/or remediation as needed to comply with NORM regulations. We determine the hot spots and measure the contaminated soil volume using coring equipment and GPS for contour mapping.
  • NORM Site Surveying.
    A qualified Surveyor and/or Radiation Safety Officer will go to the customer’s site,measure and perform a manual survey with a scintillating device. A complete site surveying report and a counseling advice will be provided.
  • NORM Awareness Sessions.
    We provide NORM awareness sessions which cover “how to deal with radioactive materials, work instructions and safety precautions and regulations”.